Ragazzina a Bormio (1944)

Una pausa di lavoro in ospedale (1955)

Mentre balla col papà (1954)

Tra i colleghi al Convegno di Verona (1997)

Il giorno del matrimonio (1957)

Il giorno del matrimonio (1957)

L'anno della laurea (1950)

Vacanze in Sardegna (1963)


Vacanze in montagna (1954)

Durante un intervento presso Avellana

Sul lago di Zurigo con José Zavala e Dieter Baumann (1990)



Bio_MAZZARELLA_small_enAdriana Mazzarella was born in Naples (Italy) in 1925. She moved to Milan (Italy) as a child with her family, and there she spent  all her life, until she passed away in February 2015. Adriana graduated as a physician, pediatrician and eventually obtained a degree as a junghian psychotherapist. Since 1980 she has been a member of CIPA (Centro Italiano di Psicologia Analitica) and of  IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology). As a disciple and follower of Dora Kalff, the creator of the Sand Play Therapy, Adriana Mazzarella was a member founder and a training analyst of AISPT (Associazione Italiana  per la Sandplay Therapy) and a member of ISST (International Association for Sand Play Therapy). She encountered Dante’s poetry as a young girl and since then she developed a passion for the Divine Comedy and Dante’s deep psychological knowledge. Throughout her life she has embarked on a profound innovative research into the Divine Comedy’s symbolic analysis. This has created a great interest among experts and academics in Italy and abroad.