In search of Beatrice

ebook_eng_per-articoloThis new edition of Adriana Mazzarella’s book has come out at a moment in history in which  reports of dramatic international changes and disruptions fill our newspapers and news broadcasts almost daily and risk leaving us disoriented and frightened. Dante’s journey, along with the encounters he makes and the magnificent  final synthesis in the mystical rose, can be read as a sort of road map for us.

The psychologist and the layman, colleagues who follow Jung and therapists who have differing visions of the psyche can all find, in this valuable book by our dear friend Adriana, pearls of wisdom coming straight from the ancient world which have been carefully interpreted in the light of modern depth psychology.

These pearls will prove useful and perhaps essential to each of us as we move through the various passages which comprise human existence; they will be equally valuable to our culture as a whole which is called, as never before in history, to interact and dialogue with the challenging foreign cultures that surround us.

Robert Mercurio, from the Preface to the new edition of  “In Search of Beatrice. Dante and Jung”, Adriana Mazzarella, ebook Edra, Milan 2016

You can buy it:

Feltrinelli (Italian Library) (pay in Euros) (pay in dollars)

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  1. Carol

    I would really love to buy a copy of the *physical book* in English, but I can only find a Kindle edition. Will there also be a physical book available?
    Kind regards,


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